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George Washington MBAs Apply Their Expertise

June 26, 2009
By the My MBA Career Content Team – Find Top MBA Degree Programs

MBA students at George Washington University were recently presented with the task of selecting the top ten businesses that would compete for Dell's Small Business Award.

The MBA candidates became judges and had to analyze the business material with which they were presented. In addition, they received privileged insight into the nuances of running a company.

Such practical applications of MBA skills benefits the students because they are immersed in the real business world while still having the security and support of a university behind them.

Professor Erik Winslow divided up his class into two groups and had the students determine which small businesses best handled technology and IT systems. Then the groups discussed their findings and ultimately came up with their top 10 list.

"There is no better way to prepare our future business leaders for the entrepreneurial challenges that await them in the global marketplace than to immerse them in the business plans and balance sheets of dynamic small businesses ," Winslow stated to Media Newswire.

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