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Why You Should Consider a JD MBA

JD MBA degree All businesses need guidance to navigate the complexities of the legal system. Whether they're dealing with human resources issues or other compliance issues, most businesses require expert advice from time to time. Because business and the law often go hand-in-hand, someone with an MBA JD (Juris Doctor) degree is a valuable asset for any company.

The ability to understand complex contracts and legal terminology is one of the most valuable assets of a JD MBA. Other skills you'll develop in an MBA JD program include the following:

  • Research methodologies
  • Writing
  • Knowledge of business law
  • Critical thinking
  • Objectivity
  • Legal strategy

A JD MBA degree will open up a variety of career opportunities for you. Whether you choose to take the bar exam and work for a law firm, or focus your career in business, working for a company in any number of capacities, your advanced degree in law and business administration will make you a very valuable employee. Some firms may even offer bonuses in the tens of thousands of dollars for individuals holding an MBA JD degree.

What Will You Do With an MBA JD Degree?

The combination of a Juris Doctor degree and a Master in Business Administration prepares a graduate to join a company's legal team or to take the bar exam and practice law.

There are many specialties in both business and legal practice that are well-suited to someone with an MBA JD degree. The following areas have applications in both business and law:

  • Contracts
  • Business consulting
  • Government
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Patent law
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Lobbying
  • Labor relations

Job Prospects for MBA JD Graduates

The prospects for advancement with a JD MBA are strong. Many top management positions go to individuals holding an MBA JD degree. Whatever position you're aiming for, the knowledge you'll gain in school will make you a highly valuable job candidate. But beyond that, the focus and exceptional effort you will expend to earn dual advanced degrees will show a prospective employer that you have the ability and drive to contribute to their business at a high level.

An MBA JD degree is also useful if you are considering a career in politics or government. Even if you don't plan to practice law or work in a business setting, there are many ways in which an MBA JD degree can help you prepare for a job in public service. Your range of knowledge will make you a valuable addition to any campaign, political staff or government office. In the same vein, government organizations are constantly working with private business and legal firms, and a JD MBA graduate is perfectly suited to such work.

Open Doors with an MBA JD Degree

An MBA JD degree gives you the skills and knowledge to consider a vast set of career options. It will increase your versatility as well as your earning potential. Take the next step on your career journey. Find an MBA JD school that's right for you.

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