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10 Biggest Surprises In The 2024-2025 U.S. News MBA Ranking



Last Updated on April 14, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

U.S. News Releases 2024-2025 Ranking of Top MBA Programs

In the recently released 2024-2025 ranking of the best full-time MBA programs in the U.S. by U.S. News, Stanford and Wharton claimed the top spots, with Chicago Booth dropping to third place. Surprisingly, Columbia Business School, Duke Fuqua, and Michigan Ross failed to make it to the coveted Top Ten list.

The rankings shook up the MBA world, with one in four schools experiencing a double-digit climb or fall. Harvard Business School, part of the prestigious ‘Big Three’ along with Stanford and Wharton, dropped to 6th place despite its reputation.

The change in methodology by U.S. News, focusing more on pay, played a significant role in Stanford GSB’s rise to the top spot. Meanwhile, Harvard Business School, although lagging in rankings, remains a money-making machine with over $1 billion in revenues. However, Harvard struggled to secure higher pay for its graduates, with starting pay and bonuses below peer schools.

One of the factors affecting Harvard’s ranking was a lower percentage of graduates reporting their salaries, putting them at a disadvantage. While the school excelled in many other measures, placement metrics remained low, impacting its overall ranking.

The shake-up in the rankings highlights the competitiveness of the MBA landscape and the importance of factors such as pay and placement metrics. As schools continue to adapt and improve their programs, the rankings are sure to see more changes in the coming years.

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