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10 High-Paying, Low-Stress Jobs in Demand for MBA Graduates



Last Updated on November 13, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: “New Survey Points to Low-Stress Occupations with Promising Futures”

Subtitle: A recent study unveils promising job opportunities with minimal stress levels

In a world where work-related stress seems to prevail, finding a job that offers a lower stress level has become a priority for many. According to a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, a staggering 77% of workers reported feeling work-related stress in the previous month. In response to this growing concern, the Department of Labor’s Occupational Information Network has ranked 873 occupations based on stress tolerance, shedding light on job opportunities that may promote improved mental well-being.

The ranking, on a scale of 0 to 100, measures the level of stress associated with each job. Topping the list of low-stress occupations are cartographers and photogrammetrists, along with environmental economists, both boasting a stress level of 52. These professions offer exciting prospects for those seeking a career path that promotes peace of mind and a less frantic work environment.

The survey also revealed that packaging and filling machine operators and tenders, with a stress level of 52, play a crucial role in ensuring that goods are prepared effectively for shipment. Additionally, archivists, computer numerically controlled tool programmers, and electromechanical equipment assemblers, with a stress level of 53, are responsible for organizing and safeguarding important historical documents and ensuring the smooth operation of machinery.

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Industrial ecologists, fuel cell engineers, and highway maintenance workers all feature on this list, with stress levels ranging from 53 to 55. These occupations not only provide promising opportunities but also stand out for their lower stress levels.

While stress tolerance varies across different occupations, it’s worth noting that these professions offer enticing median annual salaries. Ranging from $32,240 for machine feeders and offbearers to $113,940 for environmental economists, candidates can find a balance between a fulfilling job and financial stability.

Moreover, the level of education required for these occupations varies, making them accessible to individuals with diverse educational backgrounds. Some positions require a bachelor’s or master’s degree, while others only necessitate a high school diploma or certificate.

In a world where stress has become a pressing issue, it is essential to explore job options that offer lower stress levels for improved mental well-being. With opportunities abound for those seeking less stressful careers, individuals can now pursue their professional ambitions without sacrificing their peace of mind.

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