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2023 MBA Spotlight: Adam Hayes, Michigan State University (Broad)



Last Updated on August 14, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Adam Hayes: Houston Native Brings Leadership and Passion for Diversity to Broad College MBA Program

Houston, Texas – Adam Hayes, a meticulous and steadfast leader from Houston, Texas, has quickly made his mark as an invaluable addition to the Class of 2023 at Broad College. With a passion for collecting refrigerator magnets and an accomplished academic background, Hayes has already proven himself as a rising star in the business world.

Hayes recently completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Morehouse College, with a minor in Economics. Prior to enrolling in business school, he gained practical experience as an HR Business Partner II at LLC, where he excelled in talent management and employee relations. During the summer of 2022, Hayes interned at Chevron Corporation in Houston, Texas, further expanding his industry knowledge.

Following his MBA graduation, Hayes has secured a position at KPMG Advisory in Houston, Texas, where he intends to leverage his skills to provide valuable insights and guidance to clients. His dedication to his studies and commitment to service are evident in his involvement as a Graduate Assistant in the Broad College Dean’s Office & Multicultural Business Programs. Additionally, he has held leadership roles as the Black MBA Association President and the Black and Broad MBA Liaison, fostering relationships between MBA and undergraduate students and providing financial education to minority students.

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Notably, Hayes takes pride in his work as an HR Business Partner at Amazon Logistics, where he identified and rectified operational challenges by creating an HR Business Partner wiki page, improving regional HR readiness. His attention to detail and problem-solving abilities have played a significant role in his professional success.

Hayes decided to attend Broad College due to the unmatched engagement he received from the admissions department and his determination to relocate in pursuit of his MBA. Throughout his studies, he has been inspired by his favorite MBA professor, Dr. Judith Whipple, who helped him refresh his operations knowledge and learn new concepts in supply chain management. Additionally, he found Corporate Strategy, taught by Dr. Gerry McNamara, to be a pivotal course in understanding how businesses position themselves for future success.

Outside of the classroom, Hayes cherishes the annual Thanksgiving Potluck, a beloved MBA tradition that celebrates shared cultures and creates a sense of unity among classmates. Reflecting on his MBA journey, Hayes believes that building connections with organizations like the Black Student Alliance and Multicultural Business Programs would have enhanced his experience further.

One misconception Hayes debunked during his time at Broad College is the false belief that the institution’s ranking directly impacts post-graduation employment opportunities. He found that his experience and networking efforts played a more significant role in securing job prospects.

Hayes also appreciated the resources available at Broad College that aided students in interview preparation and in finding internships and full-time positions. These resources exceeded his expectations and demonstrated the institution’s commitment to student success.

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Looking ahead, Hayes aspires to enhance his client engagement skills and establish himself as a resourceful consultant in the field. His leadership roles, dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion work, and service mindset have garnered praise from Wayne Hutchison, the Managing Director of the Full-Time MBA program. Hutchison predicts a successful journey for Hayes post-MBA, where he will continue to make valuable contributions to his chosen industry.

Adam Hayes’s MBA journey has been an inspiring blend of academic excellence, leadership, and a passion for fostering diversity and inclusivity. As he embarks on the next chapter of his career, it is evident that Hayes will leave an indelible mark on the business world.

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