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2023 MBA Spotlight: Remy Tran, National University of Singapore (My MBA Career)



2023 MBA Spotlight: Remy Tran, National University of Singapore (My MBA Career)
2023 MBA Spotlight: Remy Tran, National University of Singapore (My MBA Career)

Last Updated on August 24, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Remy Tran, a charismatic and sociable individual with a natural leadership style, has been creating a buzz at NUS Business School. Originally from Paris, France, Tran has gained recognition for his multilingual abilities, sportiness, curiosity, wit, and bubbly personality.

Before joining business school, Tran completed a Master’s Degree at Ecole Centrale de Marseille and an MSc in Aerospace Vehicle Design at Cranfield University. His previous work experience includes roles as a Project Manager and Avionics System Engineer at Kopter Group AG in Zurich, Switzerland. In the summer of 2022, he interned at Allianz as a Management Consulting Intern.

Although Tran’s future career plans are not yet finalized, it is likely that he will pursue work in London after graduation. He has been actively involved in various community work and leadership roles at NUS, including serving as the 39th NUS MBA Student Council Sports & Wellness Club President and the 40th NUS MBA Student Council Club Advisor.

Tran’s achievements during business school are noteworthy. He received the NUS MBA Achiever Scholarship and was nominated for the Paul Yap Outstanding Contributor Award and the NUS MBA Alumni Leadership Award. Additionally, he led the NUS MBA Sports & Wellness Club to victory in the MBA Olympics, serving as both the president and team captain.

In his professional career, Tran’s proudest achievement was his contribution to the design of the AW-09 helicopter model while working as an aerospace engineer in Switzerland. He also gained experience at Boeing in the UK.

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Tran’s decision to join NUS Business School was influenced by its excellent reputation in Asia, focus on innovation and sustainability, and global perspective. He particularly enjoyed Professor Ruth Tan’s Financial Management course, as she ignited his interest in finance and demystified the subject for him. Another favorite course of his was Fintech and Data Analytics, taught by Professor Lee Yen Teik, which provided him with a deep understanding of analytical tools and innovations in finance.

Reflecting on his MBA experience, Tran wishes he had deferred his start date by a year to fully take advantage of the program’s offerings. He also debunks the myth that NUS Business School only attracts students with strong business backgrounds, emphasizing the program’s openness to individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Tran was captivated by the multiculturalism and economic success in Singapore, where NUS Business School is located. He was also surprised by the absence of a formal dress code, as most students opted for casual attire.

During the application process, Tran set himself apart from other applicants by highlighting his personal background and family history. In his classmate Joseph Zhi Yuan Kor, he admires kindness, generosity, commitment to social causes, and excellence in studies.

Looking ahead, Tran’s professional bucket list includes leading a team of analysts and associates in a bank or financial firm and building a successful startup that disrupts an industry and addresses a significant pain point.

Professor Nitin Pangarkar, the Academic Director of The NUS MBA and NUS-HEC Paris MBA Programs, praises Remy Tran as an invaluable addition to the Class of 2023. Pangarkar points to Tran’s excellent social skills and multi-faceted personality as qualities that make him stand out.

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