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3 Key Insights from Virginia Tech Footballs Victory over Old Dominion



Last Updated on September 4, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Virginia Tech Bounces Back with Convincing Win in 2023 Season Opener

Virginia Tech looks to avenge their disappointing 3-8 record last season as they kick off their 2023 campaign. With high hopes for a turnaround, the Hokies secured a commanding 36-17 victory over Old Dominion in their first game at the infamous Lane Stadium.

While the win is undoubtedly a morale booster for the team, there are still areas of improvement to address on both offense and defense. The Hokies showed glimpses of their potential, but they will need to fine-tune their strategies to reach their full potential in the season ahead.

Old Dominion, on the other hand, faced significant challenges with a roster consisting of 58 new players. This influx of fresh faces contributed to struggles in finding cohesion on the field, resulting in a tough game for the Monarchs. It remains to be seen whether their young roster can gel and improve as the season progresses.

Virginia Tech’s triumph in their season opener was a testament to the team’s determination to redeem themselves from last year’s setbacks. They showcased resilience, proving that they have the ability to dust themselves off and strive for excellence on the football field.

Looking ahead, the Hokies will face Purdue in their upcoming home game, presenting another opportunity to demonstrate their strength. Purdue, who suffered a surprising upset in their season opener, will also be looking for redemption. This game is set to be an intriguing showdown, with both teams eager to make their mark early in the season.

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The victory against Old Dominion serves as a promising start to the Brent Pry era, as he takes the helm as the new head coach for the Hokies. Fans and players alike have high hopes for Pry’s tenure, and this win further cements his reputation as a coach who can guide the team towards success.

As Virginia Tech progresses through the season, they will need to build on their triumph and address the areas of improvement identified in their opener. With determination, cohesion, and the guidance of their new head coach, the Hokies have the potential to bounce back from last season’s disappointments and have a remarkable 2023 campaign.

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