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A Guide to A-Level Results Day 2023: When to Expect, What to Expect, and How to Navigate Your MBA Career



Last Updated on August 17, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Excitement and uncertainty filled the air as students anxiously awaited the arrival of A-level results day. On August 17, students across the country were able to collect their results, including A-level, AS-level, and T-level results.

This year, grade boundaries for the exams had been adjusted to align with 2019 levels, leading to a decrease in top grades. While this may have come as a disappointment for some students, others were thrilled to see their hard work pay off.

For those who met their desired grades, the next step was to check the UCAS website to see if they had been accepted into their chosen universities. However, for those who narrowly missed their grades, there was still hope. They could contact universities directly to inquire about their options and see if they could still secure a place.

Clearing, a system that matches students with available spaces in university or college courses, was also available for those who missed their grades by a significant margin or wanted to explore alternative options. This provided a lifeline for students who may have initially felt disheartened.

Interestingly, students who exceeded their predicted grades had the opportunity to reconsider their university options. By declining their original place and entering Clearing, they could potentially secure a spot at a university that requires higher grades.

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However, the process wasn’t without its challenges. Students who were dissatisfied with their A-level results had the option to appeal by contacting their school, exams officer, or exam center.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the A-level results were unaffected by the teacher strikes that occurred earlier in the year. This may have brought some relief to students who were concerned about the potential impact on their grades.

Furthermore, university offers this year may have considered UCAS points instead of specific grades on a case-by-case basis. This allowed for more flexibility in the admissions process.

To add to the anticipation of the day, the release of BTEC National results coincided with A-level results day, with the specific date depending on the school or college. This meant that students had even more to look forward to and discuss with their peers.

Overall, A-level results day brought a mix of emotions as students faced the reality of their academic achievements. While some celebrated their successes, others explored alternative routes through Clearing. Regardless of the outcome, it marked the beginning of a new chapter in their educational journeys.

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