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A Guilford MBA Helps Shaun Howard Stand Out in His Career



A Guilford MBA Helps Shaun Howard Stand Out in His Career
A Guilford MBA Helps Shaun Howard Stand Out in His Career

Last Updated on April 3, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Shaun Howard, Worldwide Ops and Planning Manager at Lenovo, recently completed his MBA at Guilford College with the goal of expanding his knowledge base and bringing a broader perspective to his work. Howard, who initially graduated from Guilford with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2013, was drawn to the community, Quaker values, and ethos of the College.

In his current role at Lenovo, Howard’s team is focused on launching the first AI-powered laptop to market, a project that involves navigating ethical considerations and innovative thinking. Prior to his time at Lenovo, Shaun worked as an operations analyst at Polo/Ralph Lauren, all while pursuing his education at Guilford, demonstrating his dedication to continuous learning and growth.

The MBA program at Guilford provided Howard with the opportunity to learn new business strategies, understand servant leadership, and expand his professional network with leaders from a variety of industries. Graduating from the program has equipped Shaun with the skills and mindset necessary to approach his work at Lenovo in fresh and creative ways, making him a valuable asset to the team developing cutting-edge technology.

With his newfound knowledge and perspective gained from Guilford’s MBA program, Shaun Howard is poised to make significant contributions to Lenovo’s innovative projects and continue his successful career in operations and planning. His commitment to furthering his education and pushing boundaries in the tech industry exemplifies the valuable impact of pursuing an MBA in today’s competitive business landscape.

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