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Additional Suspension Given to Black Texas Student for Wearing Loc Hairstyle – My MBA Career



Last Updated on September 19, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Texas High School Student Suspended over Loc Hairstyle Defies Dress Code

Subtitle: Family Considers Legal Action as Darryl George Faces Multiple Suspensions

[City Name], [Date] – A Black Texas high school student, Darryl George, has been the subject of controversy and disciplinary action due to his loc hairstyle, which allegedly violates the school district’s dress code. As the student and his family face suspensions and potential expulsion, they are considering legal action against the school.

George, a student at [Name] High School, has been suspended for over two weeks, prompting concerns from his family and their attorney, Allie Booker. The dress code in question explicitly states that male students’ hair should not extend below the eyebrows or below the earlobes. Despite this, George’s loc hairstyle falls outside of the established rules.

School officials have requested a meeting with George and his mother to discuss the disciplinary actions taken against him. The family’s attorney stated that they have until Wednesday to meet the deadline set by the school. However, the attorney expects the school to try to remove George from the educational institution, an action the family adamantly refuses to consent to.

Previously, the family was informed that George would be placed in a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program if he did not comply with the dress code and cut his hair. The school’s director of communications declined to comment on the matter, leaving many questions unanswered.

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George’s mother expressed frustration with the situation and revealed that the family is considering taking legal action against the school. She believes her son’s locs, as well as his choice of frayed jeans, have unfairly targeted him, as these are both prohibited by the dress code. The school allegedly gave George the option to change his clothes or cut his hair, but he made the decision to maintain his hairstyle, resulting in multiple suspensions.

The case has attracted widespread attention and sparked a larger debate about discrimination in school dress codes. Advocates argue that such policies often discriminate against marginalized communities, perpetuating racial bias and limiting personal expression.

As the deadline approaches for the meeting between George’s family and school officials, the outcome remains uncertain. The family hopes to find a resolution that respects their son’s personal identity and disproves any claims of discriminatory treatment.

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