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Affordable School Supplies: How Migrant Parents Overcome Financial Challenges – My MBA Career



Last Updated on September 8, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Migrant Kids in NYC Struggle with School Supply Costs, Raise Concerns about Education

New York City’s school year began on a somber note for some migrant children as their parents struggled to afford the necessary supplies. According to concerned parents at P.S. 143 Louis Armstrong in Queens, despite being given a long list of approximately 14 required items, they could only manage a notebook and some pencils for their children.

For asylum-seeker parents, this financial struggle brings deeper concerns about their children’s education. Without the essential supplies, they worry that their kids might not be able to fully participate in classroom activities and keep up with their peers. The parents voiced their concerns, emphasizing the adverse impact this could have on their children’s learning.

The high cost of the items on the school supply list was identified as a major hurdle preventing these parents from purchasing them. Unfortunately, the financial constraints faced by these families extended even to buying necessary uniforms.

In response to the increasing number of migrant students enrolled in New York City schools, the NYC Department of Education (DOE) issued a 2-page memo instructing teachers on how to handle the influx of 21,000 migrant students. However, the memo did not provide any solution for obtaining the required school supplies. This omission drew criticism from City Councilmember Eric Denwirtz, who blamed the DOE and Department of Social Services for their failure to adequately prepare for the needs of migrant students.

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With the shortage of supplies affecting the children’s education, the concerns expressed by the parents highlight a pressing need for immediate action. Lack of access to necessary materials not only inhibits effective learning but also undermines the rights of these children to a quality education.

Efforts are now being made by community organizations and advocacy groups to rally support and provide assistance to these struggling families. Initiatives such as supply drives and fundraising campaigns have been launched in an attempt to bridge the gap between migrant families’ financial limitations and the requirements of their children’s education.

As the spotlight is shed on this pressing issue, it is hoped that the concerned authorities will acknowledge the urgency of the situation and take appropriate measures to ensure that every child, regardless of their background, is equipped with the tools needed to succeed in their academic journey.

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