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AP College Football Poll Reaction: Whats Next for Each Top 25 Team



AP College Football Poll Reaction: Whats Next for Each Top 25 Team
AP College Football Poll Reaction: Whats Next for Each Top 25 Team

Last Updated on September 25, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Ohio State’s Thrilling Win in South Bend Shakes Up AP Top 25 Rankings

Ohio State’s football team has responded to recent criticisms with a stunning last-second victory against Notre Dame, causing major shifts in the AP Top 25 rankings. The team’s resilient performance has revitalized their season and elevated them to fourth place in the rankings.

Despite Ohio State’s triumph, Georgia remains at the top of the rankings with an unbeaten record of 4-0. Following closely behind, Michigan continues to hold the second spot. However, Texas and Ohio State have made impressive strides, climbing to third and fourth positions, respectively.

Florida State also managed to secure a spot in the top five after surviving a grueling overtime battle against Clemson. The team’s unwavering determination led them to seal the fifth position in the rankings.

Penn State and Washington left a lasting impression on the field with dominant wins, deserving the sixth and seventh spots in the rankings. USC, after a tremendous victory against Arizona State led by Caleb Williams’ exceptional performance, dropped to the eighth spot.

Oregon and Utah round out the top 10 with convincing wins that solidify their standing in the rankings. Meanwhile, Notre Dame’s defeat against Ohio State resulted in them plummeting to the 11th position.

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Alabama and LSU secured victories in Week 4, earning them the 12th and 13th spots, respectively. Oklahoma maintained their 14th position with a solid win against Cincinnati.

Other teams that made substantial climbs in the rankings include North Carolina, Washington State, Duke, and Miami, who now occupy spots 15th to 18th as a result of dominant victories. On the other hand, Oregon State and Ole Miss experienced setbacks and fell to the 19th and 20th spots after suffering losses.

The AP Top 25 rankings also saw newcomers Tennessee, Florida, Missouri, Kansas, and Fresno State making their mark, entering the list at 21st to 25th place. These teams showcased their prowess with remarkable performances, instantly capturing the attention of football enthusiasts.

Ohio State’s thrilling win against Notre Dame has injected new energy into their season, while also shaking up the AP Top 25 rankings. With the college football season progressing, fans eagerly anticipate how future games will shape the rankings and the fate of their favorite teams.

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