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Biden administrations small business reporting requirement deemed unconstitutional by Alabama federal judge



Last Updated on March 6, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

An Alabama federal district judge has ruled against the Treasury Department’s controversial requirement for small business owners to report details on their owners and beneficiaries. The ruling deems the Corporate Transparency Act unconstitutional and unlawful, claiming that Congress exceeded its powers in enacting the law.

The National Small Business Association filed suit to block the requirement, arguing that it placed a significant burden on small firms and violated privacy and free-speech protections. The case has brought to light the friction between privacy rights and the government’s efforts to uncover criminal activity that may be hidden behind anonymous shell companies.

The judge, who was appointed by former President Trump, referred to the Corporate Transparency Act as “congressional overreach.” The Treasury Department is now complying with the court’s injunction and has directed inquiries to the Justice Department.

However, not everyone is in agreement with the ruling. The executive director of a nonprofit group criticized the decision, suggesting that it may support criminal activity by allowing the use of anonymous shell companies to hide money from law enforcement.

This legal battle highlights the ongoing debate over the balance between privacy rights and the government’s ability to regulate and investigate financial activities. It remains to be seen how this ruling will impact small business owners and the broader effort to combat money laundering and criminal enterprises. Stay tuned for further developments on this important issue.

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