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Biden and Xis Meeting: Significance for U.S. Business in China



Biden and Xis Meeting: Significance for U.S. Business in China
Biden and Xis Meeting: Significance for U.S. Business in China

Last Updated on November 22, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: U.S. and China Set Bottom Line in Relationship, Offering Clarity for Businesses

In a much-anticipated meeting, U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping have established a crucial bottom line in their relationship, providing much-needed clarity and reducing uncertainty for businesses. The meeting, held recently between the leaders, has set the stage for a new era of cooperation and mutual respect between the two economic powerhouses.

With a commitment to recoupling their countries based on principles of reciprocity and mutual respect, President Biden and President Xi have raised hopes among U.S. businesses for a renewed and stable economic relationship with China. They strive for a “new normal,” where collaboration takes center stage and China adheres to international trade rules and regulations.

During the meeting, prominent topics such as export controls, AI safety, and military-to-military talks were extensively discussed. The fact that these issues were brought to the forefront further emphasizes the leaders’ determination to address the challenging areas in their relationship.

One significant outcome of the meeting is the signal that full decoupling between the two nations is no longer on the table. This reassurance provides a glimmer of hope for businesses eyeing investments in China, particularly in non-sensitive industries. Consequently, there has been a subsequent resumption of flights between the U.S. and China, displaying signs of improved cooperation. Additionally, Mastercard’s joint venture in China received approval, indicating a potential opening-up of financial opportunities between the two nations.

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As President Xi prompted a critical question about whether the U.S. and China are adversaries or partners, U.S. business executives expressed their desire for a positive relationship. However, doubts surrounding the long-term implementation of the consensus achieved during the meeting have emerged, primarily due to the U.S.’s historical track record of fulfilling promises. Building trust and ensuring commitment will be pivotal in sustaining the positive momentum.

Despite the positive developments resulting from the meeting, challenges still persist for U.S. businesses operating in China. Agreements and deals will not materialize overnight, and companies will continue to focus on derisking and diversifying their supply chains to navigate uncertainties effectively.

Overall, the meeting between President Biden and President Xi has laid a foundation for stability and set a new tone of collaboration and joint problem-solving. With businesses cautiously optimistic, this pivotal moment in the U.S.-China relationship offers hope for a more constructive and predictable economic environment, despite the challenges that lie ahead.

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