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Board of Governors Approves Academic Plans for My MBA Career



Last Updated on September 16, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

West Virginia University’s Board of Governors has approved recommendations for 25 academic units during a recent meeting, demonstrating the university’s commitment to its goal of becoming a modern flagship, land-grant, R1 institution. These recommendations were made to strategically position the university for the future and address a budget deficit.

President Gordon Gee initiated an accelerated academic program review which resulted in the approved recommendations. One of the changes included an increase in faculty positions for the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics. Additionally, faculty members in the College of Creative Arts will be reinstated.

These recommendations will have an impact on 143 faculty positions on the Morgantown campus. However, it is important to note that affected programs have a minimal enrollment. Less than 1% of undergraduate students and approximately 4% of graduate students are enrolled in these programs. The university has assured students that they will work with them to complete their degrees or find alternative academic paths.

The approved recommendations will be implemented starting on September 18. As part of the changes, the dean of the College of Applied Human Sciences discussed updates to the teacher preparation curriculum, emphasizing the importance of mental health and wellness.

Furthermore, there will be some organizational changes within the university. The Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, along with WVU Extension, will be realigned. Additionally, the College of Creative Arts and Reed College of Media will merge.

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The university is also making efforts to evaluate and streamline non-academic operations. This indicates a proactive approach towards financial sustainability and operational efficiency.

In terms of financial indicators, West Virginia University is experiencing positive trends this fall. There has been an increase in student enrollment and housing occupancy, which bodes well for the university’s financial outlook.

The next regular Board of Governors meeting is scheduled for November 17, where further updates and decisions will be discussed. West Virginia University continues to prioritize its mission of academic excellence and student success.

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