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Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

The Harlon Hill Trophy is often referred to as the Heisman of Division II (DII) football, recognizing the player of the year in this competitive league. Named after Harlon Hill, a former NFL player who excelled in DII football and played for the Chicago Bears, this award celebrates exceptional skills and contributions to the game.

As a standout wide receiver, Harlon Hill became well-known for his remarkable abilities and undeniable impact on the field. To honor his legacy, the Harlon Hill Trophy was established in 1986, relatively new compared to other esteemed football awards.

Each year, a distinguished panel of sports writers and college football experts meticulously evaluate the athletes’ performances throughout the season to select the worthy recipient of the Harlon Hill Trophy. This recognition of outstanding individual achievements emphasizes the skill, dedication, and raw talent required to succeed in DII football.

Over the years, numerous exceptional players have been bestowed with this illustrious honor. Starting from notable names like Danny Woodhead and Blanchard Thompson to Dusty Bonner and many others, the past winners of the Harlon Hill Trophy have truly left their mark on the DII football community.

Winning the Harlon Hill Trophy is highly regarded and treasured within the DII football community. It signifies not only a remarkable individual accomplishment but also an invitation to join an elite group of players who have distinguished themselves at the collegiate level.

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The ceremony for the Harlon Hill Trophy serves as a momentous occasion that brings together players, coaches, and fans alike. This celebration allows everyone to honor the deserving winner and reflect on their exceptional accomplishments throughout the season. It also provides an opportunity to inspire future generations of athletes to strive for excellence on and off the field.

As the Harlon Hill Trophy continues to gain prestige within the DII football realm, the anticipation and excitement surrounding this award grow each year. It serves as a symbol of recognition, determination, and the highest level of athletic achievement in the world of DII football.

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