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Burglars Tunnel Through Businesses to Reach Jewelry Store: A Lot of Effort Involved



Last Updated on March 27, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

In a recent string of burglaries plaguing Los Angeles, local businesses have fallen victim to thieves using sledgehammers to tunnel their way into stores. Denny Lesser Jewelers in Chatsworth was the most recent target, with owner Denny Lesser himself witnessing a suspect attempting to break into his store by sledgehammering through a wall.

The quick response of the police caused the suspect to flee, leaving behind incriminating tools such as a sledgehammer and crowbar. Just days earlier, Gilded Jewelry in Downtown Los Angeles experienced a similar break-in, with surveillance footage capturing the suspects in the act.

Unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents, as other nearby stores have reported similar break-in attempts using sledgehammers. Last year, a Beverly Hills jewelry store fell victim to a similar burglary, resulting in the theft of $5 million worth of merchandise.

The Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed the incidents and investigations are ongoing. Business owners are urged to be vigilant and take necessary precautions to protect their establishments from such criminal activities. Stay tuned to My MBA Career for updates on this developing story.

Phyllis J. Broussard is an accomplished writer and educator with a passion for MBA courses. With years of experience in both academia and industry, she has established herself as an expert in the field of business education. Her writing on MBA courses is highly regarded for its depth of insight and practical application.

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