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California State University MBA Career Guides: Faculty Members Vote to Authorize Strike



Last Updated on November 1, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Faculty members at California State University (CSU) have voted in favor of authorizing a strike if necessary to secure a new deal. The California Faculty Association (CFA), the union representing the faculty across all 23 of CSU’s campuses, had an overwhelming 95% of its voting members support the authorization. This news comes after months of negotiations between the CFA and CSU administration.

The faculty union is demanding a variety of improvements, including a pay raise, manageable workloads, expanded paid parental leave, and more counselors. They argue that these changes are necessary to improve faculty working conditions, which in turn will enhance student learning conditions.

The CFA plans to present its demands to Chancellor Mildred García during the CSU Board of Trustees meeting on November 7th. The union is hopeful that this meeting will lead to a breakthrough in negotiations and address their concerns.

In response to the strike authorization, CSU administration has stated that it was not unexpected, as similar authorizations have been approved in previous negotiations with the CFA. However, they remain committed to the collective bargaining process and reaching a negotiated agreement with the faculty union.

The approval of the strike vote gives the CFA’s leadership the authority to initiate a strike or other concerted activities. While the CFA hopes to avoid a strike, they believe it is an important tool in their negotiation strategy to secure a fair and reasonable deal for their members.

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Both sides acknowledge the importance of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement and avoiding disruptions to students’ education. The CFA and CSU administration will continue to engage in negotiations in the hopes of finding common ground on the various demands.

As the upcoming Board of Trustees meeting approaches, tensions are high as both faculty members and CSU administration understand the significance of these negotiations. The fate of faculty working conditions and the potential impact on student learning rests on the outcome of these discussions.

For more updates on the ongoing negotiations between the CFA and CSU administration, stay tuned to My MBA Career. We will bring you the latest developments and insights on this important issue for faculty members and students alike.

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