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Cedar Rapids schools closed Monday due to threat



Last Updated on October 2, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Threat on Social Media Forces Closure of All Cedar Rapids Community Schools

In a surprising turn of events, the Cedar Rapids Community School District has made the difficult decision to close all schools on Monday, Oct. 2. The immediate closure is due to a concerning threat that was made on social media, which has raised serious concerns about the safety and security of students, staff, and the community.

This unexpected closure also extends to Champions Daycare and all morning athletic activities, causing disruptions for families and staff members who will need to make alternative arrangements. However, employees at the Educational Leadership and Support Center have been instructed to report to work as usual.

Authorities are currently investigating the threat made on social media and ask for the community’s assistance in sharing any information that may help in identifying the source of this alarming warning. The Cedar Rapids School District is working diligently with the Cedar Rapids Police Department, state public safety agencies, and even the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to ensure a thorough and swift investigation.

Emphasizing their commitment to the safety and well-being of students, staff, and the entire community, the district assures everyone that they are taking this situation with the utmost seriousness. Consequently, the decision to close all schools was made to better ensure the protection of those involved.

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As the investigation proceeds, the district plans to provide further updates and information on Monday, offering concerned individuals a better understanding of the incident and the steps being taken to resolve it. The Cedar Rapids Community School District acknowledges the inconvenience caused by this temporary closure but believes that the safety and security of their students and staff are of paramount importance.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to remain vigilant and to cooperate fully with any further instructions or guidelines imparted by the district or authorities throughout this investigation and closure. The cooperation and support of the community are greatly appreciated as everyone works together to ensure the safety and well-being of all.

In summary, a threat made on social media has prompted the Cedar Rapids Community School District to close all schools, including Champions Daycare and morning athletic activities, on Monday, Oct. 2. While the closure may disrupt normal routines, the district is fully committed to conducting a thorough investigation in collaboration with law enforcement agencies and reassures families and staff that their safety remains the top priority. Stay tuned for further updates from the district on Monday.

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