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Celebrating Successful NSS 2023 Results – My MBA Career



Last Updated on August 12, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Imperial College London’s School of Medicine Dominates National Student Survey Rankings

Imperial College London’s School of Medicine has emerged as the top-performing institution in the capital according to the latest National Student Survey (NSS). The prestigious Medicine (MBBS) programme, offered by the school, not only secured first place across six out of seven themes in the London medical schools category but also ranked third nationally.

An exceptional achievement is attributed to the school’s continuous focus on improving the student experience. The MBBS programme made notable advancements, particularly in the Assessment & Feedback theme, registering an impressive 21% improvement. Such growth firmly established the programme as the leader in both the London medical school and Russell Group tables.

The success of the MBBS programme was mirrored by the BSc Medical Biosciences (BMB) programme, which stood out as the third-best nationally and claimed the top spot among all London-based schools in the Freedom of Expression question. Furthermore, the BMB programme witnessed a remarkable 25% improvement in the Assessment & Feedback theme, while maintaining strong performances across Teaching, Academic Support, and Learning Resources.

Both the MBBS and BMB programmes boasted improvements in the Academic Support and Organisation & Management themes, showcasing the school’s commitment to continuous enhancement. This dedication to student satisfaction is further exemplified by positive results obtained in the Student Voice theme, emphasizing the institution’s prioritization of student feedback.

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Beyond academic excellence, the National Student Survey also considered mental wellbeing support services and freedom of expression. Remarkably, BMB students displayed high levels of satisfaction with mental wellbeing support services, underscoring the school’s dedication to nurturing the overall well-being of its student community. Additionally, both MBBS and BMB students felt free to express their ideas, beliefs, and views.

The School of Medicine at Imperial College London prides itself on creating an inclusive environment that actively welcomes student feedback. These exceptional results in the NSS rankings reinforce the institution’s commitment to providing an outstanding educational experience for its students.

As the future leaders in the medical field, students at Imperial College London’s School of Medicine can be confident that they will receive world-class education, comprehensive support services, and a platform where their voices are heard. The outstanding results achieved in the National Student Survey underscore the school’s dedication to nurturing the potential of each student and ensuring their success both academically and personally.

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