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Chancellor Joe Gow of the University of Wisconsin Terminated Amidst Controversial Allegations – Insight on My MBA Career



Last Updated on December 29, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Former University Chancellor Fired Amid Controversy Surrounding Adult Film Career

Former University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Chancellor, Joe Gow, has been terminated from his position by the Regents. In a unanimous decision made during a closed meeting, the Regents voted to dismiss Gow from his employment, sparking a heated debate over issues related to free speech and professional conduct.

Gow claims that his involvement, along with his wife, in producing and appearing in pornographic videos was the main reason for his termination. However, Universities of Wisconsin President, Jay Rothman, and Regents President, Karen Walsh, have strongly asserted that Gow’s actions have caused significant reputational harm to the university.

In response, Gow has argued that his actions are protected under the First Amendment and that the Regents violated his right to free speech. Despite his defense, the Regents have not provided specific details regarding the allegations against Gow, further fueling the controversy surrounding his dismissal.

Expressing disappointment, Gow stated that he was not given the opportunity to present his case or have a hearing before being fired. He revealed that he is considering legal action against the Regents regarding the termination. These actions come as a surprise to Gow, as he had planned to retire in 2024. In an unexpected move, Rothman intends to file a complaint seeking a review of Gow’s tenure.

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Rothman argues that Gow failed to act as a role model and mistakenly believed that the First Amendment allowed for anything to be said or done. This is not the first time Gow has faced criticism for his controversial choices. In 2018, he came under fire for inviting a porn actor to speak at UW-La Crosse, sparking debates about the university’s values and appropriate campus events.

Adding to the controversy, Gow and his wife have a popular YouTube channel and have written books about their experiences in the adult industry. These ventures have drawn both intrigue and criticism, further complicating his tenure as chancellor.

As the dust settles, discussions surrounding academic freedom, professional conduct, and the balance between personal life and public reputation are bound to intensify. The case of Joe Gow’s termination raises important questions about the boundaries of free speech in professional settings and the influence of personal choices on one’s career in academia.

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