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Concerns Arise among PPS students about AP Exam Preparedness



Concerns Arise among PPS students about AP Exam Preparedness
Concerns Arise among PPS students about AP Exam Preparedness

Last Updated on November 19, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Ongoing Teachers’ Strike in Portland Public Schools Raises Concerns about AP and IB Test Preparedness

In a significant setback for high school students in Portland Public Schools, the ongoing teachers’ strike has caused a disruption in their education, leaving them worried about the impact on their upcoming AP and IB tests. With classes canceled for nearly three weeks now, students are concerned about falling behind compared to their counterparts nationwide.

The concern is particularly high among students preparing for the Advanced Placement (AP) tests, which are scheduled for early May and cannot be altered. Many students fear they will not have enough time to adequately prepare for these crucial exams, potentially hindering their chances for college credit. Students studying for AP psychology have already missed a staggering six weeks of class, amplifying their worries about catching up to the curriculum.

Similarly, students in AP Spanish and biology share these concerns, highlighting the limitations of learning outside the classroom. They emphasize that the interactive and engaging environment of the classroom is irreplaceable, leaving them anxious about their test readiness. Despite their support for the teachers’ cause and participation in picketing, students acknowledge the immense challenges of being out of class for such an extended period.

These concerns are not limited to students alone. Parents, particularly those with children in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, express pessimism about their children’s ability to adequately prepare for the exams scheduled in May. Uncertainty looms over whether the missed class time will be made up before the exams, further exacerbating the stress and anxiety among students.

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Adding to the already stressful situation, negotiations between Portland Public Schools and the teachers union have yet to conclude, leaving students in a state of uncertainty. With the strike persisting, students are faced with an unfortunate blend of stress and challenges as they strive to maintain their academic growth and secure their future endeavors.

As the strike continues, the clock ticks for students, reinforcing the urgency to reach a resolution that guarantees an adequate learning environment and sufficient preparation time for the impending examinations. The hopes of these young minds are pinned on a prompt and amicable resolution to minimize any potential long-term consequences on their academic and professional aspirations.

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