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Creating a Climate Call To Action for MBAs: The Story Behind My MBA Career



Last Updated on March 19, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Two MBA Candidates Launch Climate Legacy Commitment at Cambridge Judge Business School

In an effort to prioritize sustainability in leadership within graduate business education programs, two MBA candidates from Cambridge Judge Business School have recently launched the Climate Legacy Commitment. This initiative urges MBA students to integrate sustainability into global business practices without any financial investment.

The Climate Legacy Commitment has already gained signatories from prestigious institutions such as Oxford Saïd Business School and London Business School. Additionally, over 45% of the Cambridge MBA cohort have already signed the commitment.

The commitment includes seven truths about climate change and emphasizes the importance of innovative leadership, protecting vulnerable communities, collaborating across sectors, continuous learning, transparency, and working towards building a sustainable legacy.

Signatories of the Climate Legacy Commitment will have access to a valuable network of corporate leaders, mentors, and industry peers. They will also have the opportunity to attend the Climate Legacy Commitment summit in August.

The overarching goal of this commitment is to engage future business leaders in transformative learning and drive innovative climate solutions to address the pressing climate crisis. By encouraging MBA students to prioritize sustainability in their leadership roles, the Climate Legacy Commitment aims to make a positive impact on global business practices and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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