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Last Updated on September 18, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Massachusetts Leads as the Best State for Recent Graduates to Begin their Careers

In a recent report conducted by Scholaroo, Massachusetts was ranked as the ideal state for recent graduates to kickstart their post-college careers, trumping all other states in the US. The exhaustive study considered a variety of key factors including job market opportunities, affordability, safety, and leisure options.

According to the report, Massachusetts secured the top spot due to its outstanding performance across several categories. It emerged as a leader in jobs availability, health facilities, and workplace diversity. However, one area where the state lacks strength is affordability, presenting a challenge for young professionals starting their careers.

Rhode Island followed closely behind, securing the second position. It excelled in leisure options, health provisions, and safety. However, it scored lowest in terms of workplace diversity, suggesting room for improvement in creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment.

New Hampshire secured third place in the rankings, boasting excellent affordability factors and the country’s lowest cost of groceries. This news will certainly attract graduates who are looking to start their careers in a financially viable location.

On the other end of the spectrum, the bottom states for young professionals were identified as West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. These states showed less favorable conditions for recent graduates in terms of job prospects, affordability, and leisure options.

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The Scholaroo report also provided an insightful breakdown of subcategories rankings. North Dakota emerged as the state with the highest number of entry-level job opportunities, while Hawaii led with the highest number of restaurants and bars. These findings offer valuable information that can aid recent graduates in making informed decisions about their post-college career moves.

In addition to the rankings, the report sheds light on a growing trend of young, affluent professionals leaving traditional hotspots like New York and California. These individuals are increasingly migrating to states such as Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire for promising job prospects and a high quality of life.

Massachusetts, in particular, stood out with an average annual salary of $76,600 per worker, surpassing the national median household income. Evidently, the state’s thriving job market and overall favorable conditions have attracted a wave of young, wealthier individuals.

The Scholaroo report serves as a valuable resource for recent graduates seeking to embark on their professional journeys. Offering data-driven insights and comparisons across multiple states, graduates can utilize this information to make informed choices about where to begin their careers. With Massachusetts leading the way, it is clear that young professionals are increasingly considering opportunities beyond the traditional metropolitan magnets.

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