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Doxxing Truck Exhibits Faces of Students as Retaliation for Israel Statement on Harvards Campus



Last Updated on October 12, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Harvard Students Targeted for Controversial Statement as Outrage Sparks Online Intimidation

Harvard University students found themselves at the center of a national controversy after a billboard truck paraded through the surrounding streets, displaying the names and faces of students allegedly affiliated with student groups that had signed a contentious statement regarding Hamas’ attack on Israel. This incident has sparked a debate on free speech and the line between criticism and intimidation.

Initially, 34 student groups signed onto the statement, but the backlash and doxxing attacks prompted eight groups to withdraw their signatures. Numerous online sites went as far as listing personal information including full names, class years, past employment, social media profiles, photos, and hometowns of the students linked to the signed clubs, leading to concerns about their safety.

While some critics opposed the statement, they vehemently denounced acts of violence or intimidation against the signatories. Harvard’s Executive Vice President also criticized the online harassment and intimidation, highlighting the university’s commitment to student well-being.

The appearance of the billboard truck, which labeled Harvard students as “antisemites” and referred to a website listing the full names of associated students, escalated concerns and prompted immediate action from the university. Harvard emphasized its dedication to the safety and security of its community, condemning intimidation and violence. To address safety concerns, Harvard Yard closed its gates to non-ID holders, although no credible threats were reported.

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During this ordeal, various groups made themselves heard. Harvard Hillel, the university’s Jewish center, strongly condemned attempts to threaten and intimidate the statement signatories. On the other hand, the Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee urged university leadership to condemn the harassment and intimidation faced by its students.

Notably, former University President Lawrence H. Summers and Harvard Economics professor Jason Furman criticized the statement but called for an end to the doxxing and threats against students. Their words encourage a respectful engagement and dialogue rather than intimidation.

As this incident unfolds, it brings to light the challenges faced by university students expressing their views on sensitive topics. Harvard’s effort to uphold the safety and well-being of its students is commendable, but the incident has ignited a wider conversation about the limits of free speech and the need to foster a respectful environment for diverse perspectives on campus.

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