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Elimination of Four-Year Degree Requirements for State Government Jobs in Minnesota



Last Updated on October 31, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Headline: Minnesota Governor Signs Executive Order Removing Degree Requirement for Majority of State Jobs

In a move aimed at addressing workforce shortages and promoting career opportunities in the public sector, Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota has signed an executive order removing the requirement for a four-year degree to apply for the majority of jobs in state government. This change impacts approximately 75% of jobs in state government, opening up opportunities for individuals without a bachelor’s degree.

Positions such as corrections officers, human services technicians, and staff in state veterans homes are now accessible to individuals without a four-year degree. However, jobs that require licensure, such as nurses and civil engineers, will still require a bachelor’s degree.

The executive order does not apply to state jobs at the University of Minnesota but does affect certain jobs in the Minnesota State system of colleges and universities. The state government is seeking to expand its workforce to support the implementation of various legislative agendas.

Currently, Minnesota has around 1,500 job openings, particularly in regulatory offices, family and medical leave programs, and education, housing, and energy programs. Hiring has increased by more than 55% compared to last year, according to Minnesota Management and Budget Commissioner Erin Campbell.

To ensure hiring managers can effectively identify the right mix of experience and skills in candidates, the state plans to develop training programs. The focus will be on skills-based hiring, which has gained popularity in recent years as a means to diversify applicant pools.

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Minnesota now joins at least 16 other states that have removed degree requirements for most state jobs. This change aims to address the barrier that four-year degree requirements have posed for women and communities of color, allowing for greater diversity in the state’s workforce, according to Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan.

The move follows similar actions at the federal level, with former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden implementing policies to prioritize job skills when hiring government workers. Gov. Walz and DFL U.S. Rep. Angie Craig have already eliminated the bachelor’s degree requirement for their offices, emphasizing the importance of skills-based approaches in today’s job market.

With these changes in place, individuals without a four-year degree can now more easily pursue a career in the public sector in Minnesota. This move is expected to bring about significant diversity and increase job opportunities for underrepresented communities within the state.

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