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Enhancing Student Learning Through Expanded Electives in the MBA Program



Last Updated on March 15, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

WMBA Students Customize Learning Experience to Align with Career Goals

In their second year of the WMBA program, students have the opportunity to enhance their learning experience by selecting electives that directly contribute to their career aspirations. Six WMBA students recently shared how they personalized their learning journey and discussed their favorite electives.

Jazo Moises, a senior communications strategist at Wieden+Kennedy, chose to take operations and strategic marketing planning electives to further develop his skills in those areas. Similarly, Joshua Eckert, who will be joining Boston Consulting Group after graduation, focused on strategy and finance electives to prepare for his new role.

Rohit Manavalan, a technical program lead at Magna Electronics, strategically selected electives in strategy, leadership, and finance to pivot into the field of management and strategy consulting. Trent Kroeger, a senior corporate development manager, opted for electives in strategic brand management and strategies for growth to enhance his analytical abilities.

Lydia Miller, an independent software process consultant, tailored her electives in strategy, finance, and mergers and acquisitions to strengthen her casing skills and improve her job prospects. Lindsay Hall, a global program manager at Amazon Inc., personalized her electives in entrepreneurship, operations management, and strategic marketing planning to excel in her current role at Amazon.

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These students emphasized the importance of personalizing their electives to make their learning experience relevant and immediately applicable to their careers. By selecting electives that align with their goals and interests, these WMBA students are equipping themselves with the necessary skills to succeed in their respective fields.

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