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Exploring Promising Jobs for Retired Individuals: 8 Opportunities That Demand Minimal Experience



Last Updated on September 16, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Staying active later in life has been proven to improve longevity and quality of life in later years, according to multiple studies. Harvard University recently conducted a study that found those who chose to work past the age of 65 were three times more likely to report being in good health compared to their retired counterparts. Not only that, but these individuals were also found to be half as likely to experience serious health problems.

Aside from the health benefits, working in a post-retirement job or second career can greatly increase retirement income and keep seniors busy and healthy. Seniors with little to no experience need not worry, as the job market offers numerous opportunities specifically tailored to their skill set.

Some great part-time jobs for seniors include administrative assistant/virtual assistant, customer service representative, data entry clerk, sales representative, online teaching, rideshare driver, pet sitter/pet walker/house sitter, and real estate agent. Seniors who have decades of job experience can bring valuable skills like time management, communication, and leadership to these roles.

For those interested in administrative tasks, the average wage for an administrative assistant is $34 per hour. Customer service representatives can earn $18.16 per hour, while data entry clerks can work from the comfort of their own home and earn an average of $18.26 per hour. Sales representatives, particularly in insurance and advertising, can make close to $30 per hour.

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Retired teachers and professionals can also utilize their expertise through online teaching gigs, earning up to $40 per hour or more. Rideshare drivers can earn up to $30 per hour and enjoy human companionship while working. Additionally, seniors who have a passion for animals can make extra cash by working as pet sitters, pet walkers, or house sitters, earning up to $27.07 per hour. Real estate agents can work full- or part-time and earn a commission-based income that can be quite lucrative.

It is important for seniors to showcase their skills and experience to present themselves as valuable assets to any company. These job opportunities not only allow retirees to stay active but also increase their income and enjoy a fulfilling retirement. So why not consider exploring these options and embark on a new chapter in your MBA career?

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