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Exploring Taylor Swifts Influence: Insights from Psychologists – My MBA Career



Last Updated on August 17, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Arizona State University has recently announced a unique course titled “Psychology of Taylor Swift – Advanced Topics of Social Psychology”. This course will delve into various aspects of Swift’s life and career through a psychological lens. Taught by PhD student Alexandra Wormley, the class aims to explore phenomena like gossip, relationships, revenge, and social development by delving into Swift’s work.

One of the main focuses of the course will be Swift’s highly-controversial sixth album, “Reputation”. Wormley plans to use this album as an example to analyze the psychology behind enacting revenge. Although it may seem unconventional, the course intends to study Swift’s music to understand the underlying psychological motives behind her art.

It is important to note that the course is not about personal opinions on Swift or her music. Instead, it provides a valuable opportunity for students to learn from Swift as a case study in social psychology. By studying her career, the course aims to offer insights into various aspects of social behavior and its impacts on individuals and society.

This is not the first time that universities have offered courses centered around Taylor Swift. Earlier this year, Stanford University held a course analyzing Swift’s song “All Too Well”, exploring its meaning and cultural significance. Additionally, New York University (NYU) offered a bespoke class solely dedicated to Swift’s music and songwriting, allowing students to study her artistic techniques.

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The growing interest in courses revolving around Taylor Swift demonstrates her influence not only in the music industry but also in academia. The pop superstar has become a phenomenon to dissect, with her personal life and experiences offering valuable insights into social dynamics and human behavior.

In these classes, students have the opportunity to explore psychology through the lens of a renowned artist, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of human interactions. These courses highlight the relevance of popular culture in the field of education and provide a unique perspective on social psychology.

As universities continue to embrace pop culture as an educational tool, it will be interesting to see what other artists or themes are incorporated into future courses. For now, Taylor Swift remains a fascinating case study, capturing the attention of both music lovers and scholars alike.

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