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Last Updated on November 8, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Uncertainty Looms as Election Results Await Approval

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In a closely contested race, candidates for the Nov. 7 election are eagerly awaiting the final results. The delay in announcing the official outcome can be attributed to a surge in in-person votes from college students and a printing issue with some absentee ballots. Election officials have completed the counting of both in-person and absentee ballots but are awaiting approval from the head moderator before making the results public.

In the race for Fairfield County, Democratic candidate Bill Gerber currently holds a slim lead of only 42 votes over Republican incumbent Brenda Kupchick. Notably, Gerber’s running mate, Christine Vitale, is also ahead by 820 votes against Kupchick’s running mate, Brian Farnen. While Gerber’s campaign has declared victory, Kupchick’s campaign expects an automatic recount due to the close margin.

On election night, officials faced the challenge of counting a larger than usual number of in-person ballots, primarily due to an influx of election day registrations made by college students. Additionally, a printing issue with some of the absentee ballots necessitated a manual count, further prolonging the announcement of the final results.

Amidst these circumstances, allegations have emerged from the Democratic party claiming that Kupchick and Farnen attempted to influence college students’ voting decisions while canvassing Fairfield University. According to these allegations, the candidates warned students about a recently approved noise ordinance. The Democrats assert that this potential influence could have tilted the balance in their opponents’ favor.

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Further fueling speculation, it has been discovered that some Fairfield University students utilized various social and messaging apps to disseminate misinformation about the noise ordinance, encouraging others to vote for the Republican candidates. These actions raise questions about the accuracy and transparency of the electoral process.

Despite repeated requests for comment, Kupchick’s campaign has yet to respond regarding the college student participation in the election and the allegations made against her running mate.

The outcome of this election is crucial for both parties, and the delay in results and subsequent controversy only add to the already high tension. As candidates and their supporters patiently await the approval and announcement of the final results, the uncertainty surrounding Fairfield County’s future representation lingers. Stay tuned for updates as the situation unfolds.

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