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Falling US MBA Applications Create Challenges for B-School Deans



Last Updated on December 6, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Headline: Top MBA Programs Experience High Turnover in Admissions Directors Amidst Pandemic-Induced Challenges

In recent years, several prestigious business schools, including Stanford, Harvard, and Columbia, have witnessed a string of departures among their admissions directors. This phenomenon has raised concerns and speculation about potential underlying factors at play, especially considering the remarkable experience and expertise possessed by these industry veterans.

While some of these former directors have found new positions at other universities, others have chosen to venture into the field of student admissions consulting. This transition has further emphasized the significance of their departures, as their immense knowledge and insights are now being utilized in different capacities.

Experts and insiders have pointed to the timing of these departures, suggesting that the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath may have magnified the pressures faced by admissions teams. The global health crisis has brought with it a multitude of challenges, ranging from the closure of testing centers to travel restrictions, severely hampering the ability of admissions officers to carry out their regular duties. This has had a considerable impact on their capacity to travel and connect with prospective students, as confirmed by Shelly Heinrich, an associate dean for admissions at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business.

The disruptive nature of Covid-19 has likely contributed to the strain experienced by admissions teams, shedding light on the context behind the departures of these esteemed admissions directors. The unprecedented circumstances have undoubtedly compelled institutions to adapt and reassess their strategies in recruiting top talent for MBA programs.

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As the pandemic continues to present unanticipated obstacles, it remains to be seen whether the trend of departures among admissions directors will persist or if it will eventually stabilize once the admissions landscape adjusts to a new normal. Nevertheless, these transitions signal a need for the business education community to reflect on the evolving role of admissions directors and the resilience required to navigate through unprecedented challenges.

In the face of uncertainty, the pressure is on admissions teams to adapt and innovate, ensuring that the top-tier schools’ reputations and dedication to cultivating exceptional MBA programs remain intact.

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