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Florida Approves Plan to Reduce Accountability Goals for New College – My MBA Career



Last Updated on November 10, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

State officials have recently given their approval to a revised accountability plan for New College of Florida, which includes adjusting some of the previous goals set for the institution. This decision comes in the wake of new leadership taking charge at the Sarasota school.

The revised plan, endorsed by the university system Board of Governors, brings about changes in various areas. Notably, the four-year graduation rate goals for first-time-in-college students will be lowered, as will the school’s expectations for student retention. Additionally, the plan reduces the three-year graduation rate goals for transfer students and modifies the six-year graduation rate goal for first-time-in-college students who receive federal Pell grants.

These strategic alterations in the metrics have sparked concerns about performance-based funding and the need to ensure fairness across the entire university system. Some question whether the revised targets accurately reflect the college’s potential, or if they might hinder its progress.

Board chairperson Brian Lamb attempted to alleviate worries by asserting that fluctuations in metrics are not unusual. He further emphasized that goals may be subject to further adjustments in the future, indicating that the current changes are not set in stone.

In another significant development, New College President Richard Corcoran’s appointment was also approved during the meeting. Corcoran’s presentation on the future trajectory of New College received praise from the board. Furthermore, an op-ed he authored, where he proposed offering free tuition to students who felt unsafe at Harvard University, was widely acknowledged.

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The accountability plan’s approval and subsequent changes demonstrate both the university system’s commitment to monitoring performance and the new leadership’s vision for the future. As New College embarks on this fresh chapter, it remains to be seen how these adjustments will impact its standing within the Florida higher education landscape.

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