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From a 40-ounce cup to a $750 million a year business: The Success Story of My MBA Career



Last Updated on December 24, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Stanley’s Quencher Water Bottle: A Smash Hit for the Drinkware Manufacturer

Stanley, a renowned manufacturer of bottles and thermoses, has experienced a remarkable surge in sales thanks to its Quencher water bottle, which was released in 2016. Initially overshadowed by the brand’s iconic green bottle, the Quencher’s fortunes took a positive turn when Stanley joined forces with the influential commerce blog, The Buy Guide, to promote the product to its audience.

As the Quencher’s color and finish options expanded, its sales continued to soar, eventually becoming the brand’s best-selling product in 2020. This success has translated into a significant boost in Stanley’s annual revenue, which skyrocketed from $70 million to over $750 million in just four years, largely due to the unstoppable momentum of the Quencher.

Part of the Quencher’s success can be attributed to its immense popularity on social media channels, particularly on platforms like TikTok. Its viral presence and positive reviews have played a crucial role in driving sales and generating widespread interest in the product. In addition, Stanley’s smart marketing strategy of releasing new colors in limited-edition drops and collaborating with celebrities and renowned brands has further fueled the Quencher’s popularity among consumers.

The incredible demand for the Quencher has even resulted in restricted buying limits at major retailers like Target, creating a resale market where limited-edition colors have been known to fetch hundreds of dollars on platforms like eBay. This scarcity has only added to the allure of the water bottle among both loyal Stanley customers and new enthusiasts.

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The success of the Quencher has not only had a significant impact on sales but has also positively influenced Stanley’s overall brand perception and awareness. The water bottle’s soaring popularity and customer satisfaction have solidified Stanley’s position as a trusted and innovative player in the drinkware industry.

With over 10 million Quenchers sold to date, it is clear that the demand for this exceptional product shows no signs of slowing down. As consumers continue to seek out reliable and stylish hydration solutions, it seems that Stanley’s Quencher water bottle will remain a top choice for many in the years to come.

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