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Georgia board upholds firing of teacher for discussing gender identity to fifth graders



Last Updated on February 23, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

The Georgia Board of Education recently made a controversial decision to uphold the firing of teacher Katie Rinderle, who had been accused of reading a book on gender fluidity to her fifth-grade class. Rinderle, a veteran teacher with 10 years of experience, found herself in hot water after reading “My Shadow Is Purple” by Scott Stuart at Due West Elementary School in Cobb County.

The case gained national attention and sparked debates about what teachers are allowed to teach, the level of control school systems should have, and whether parents have the right to veto instructional material. Rinderle argued that the book promoted inclusivity, but the Cobb County School Board disagreed and terminated her employment in August.

Despite filing an appeal, the state board unanimously voted to stand by the school board’s decision. Cobb County had previously implemented a rule prohibiting controversial issues from being taught, a move that was deemed constitutional by the state board.

Rinderle and the Georgia Association of Educators are now taking legal action against the district, alleging discrimination in her firing. The debate in Cobb County has also extended to the removal of sexually explicit books from school libraries and the district’s authority to make such decisions.

Meanwhile, the legislative session in Georgia has seen the introduction of bills aiming to ban sexually explicit books, restrict sex education for young students, display the Ten Commandments in classrooms, and allow religious chaplains to counsel teachers and students.

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As Rinderle and the district have 30 days to appeal the state board’s decision in Cobb County Superior Court, the controversy surrounding her firing continues to unfold. Stay tuned to “My MBA Career” for updates on this ongoing story.

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