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Government Careers: Salary over $200K



Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

In a time of economic uncertainty and widespread layoffs, federal jobs are becoming an increasingly attractive option for job seekers. Not only do these positions offer job security, but they also provide the potential for high salaries, with some roles paying well over $200,000 and even reaching $400,000.

Recent data has shown a significant uptick in interest in government jobs, with federal employers seeing a 22% increase in job postings and a 55% increase in applications on platforms like Handshake. This surge in interest can be attributed to the stability and attractive benefits that come with working for the government.

One of the key draws of federal jobs is the competitive pay and benefits package. Government positions often come with pensions, flexible scheduling, and other perks that are not typically found in corporate roles. Additionally, higher-paying roles in government tend to reflect seniority, with clear promotion paths laid out in the General Schedule pay scale.

Some of the highest-paying federal job categories include medical roles, attorneys, financial institution examination, IT management, general natural resources management and biological sciences, general engineering, HR management, and air traffic control. Starting salaries in these categories can range from $163,964 to a staggering $400,000, rivaling even the salary of the President.

With thousands of federal positions available that pay well over $200,000, it’s no wonder that many professionals are turning to government jobs as a lucrative and secure career option. In a time of economic uncertainty, federal jobs offer a beacon of stability and financial security for those looking to advance their careers.

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