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Highest-Paying Ohio Jobs Without a College Degree



Last Updated on March 5, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

According to the latest data from the 2022 U.S. Census, a significant portion of Ohio residents over the age of 25 have not pursued higher education. The report reveals that 31.9% of Ohioans only have a high school degree, while 19.1% attended some college but did not obtain a degree.

Various reasons influence individuals’ decisions not to pursue college or complete a degree, including family responsibilities, financial limitations, or opting for a career that does not require a higher education. Despite these factors, Ohioans with only a high school diploma earn a median annual wage of $36,919, whereas those with a bachelor’s degree significantly increase their earning potential, with a median income of $62,605.

The state of Ohio offers several high-paying job opportunities for individuals without a college degree, such as claims adjusters, insurance appraisers, and computer user support specialists. In addition, several jobs with a high demand in Ohio do not require a college degree, including roles like fast food workers, stockers, cashiers, and retail salespersons.

Among the fastest-growing job opportunities for individuals without a college degree in Ohio are positions like aircraft cargo handling supervisors, industrial truck operators, and machine feeders. The Ohio Bureau of Labor Market Information provides valuable data on short-term employment forecasts, highlighting potential opportunities for individuals without a college degree in the state.

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Paris Barazza, a reporter for ‘My MBA Career,’ contributed to this report on the lucrative and in-demand job prospects available in Ohio for individuals without a college degree. Stay tuned for more updates on career opportunities and growth in the state.

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