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Houston ISD Superintendent Addresses Teacher Salary Concerns



Last Updated on July 19, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Houston Independent School District’s superintendent, Mike Miles, has addressed concerns from teachers in the New Education System (NES) regarding their pay. NES teachers, who will be working in priority campuses, were anxious as they did not know their salary until after the resignation deadline. In accordance with state law, teachers must announce their resignations 45 days before the start of the school year.

Superintendent Miles became aware of the salary confusion during a meeting with an NES teacher who had a contract but no salary offer. Recognizing the urgency of the issue, he immediately instructed his team to rectify the problem and provide salary amounts within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, some NES teachers were disheartened to discover that their salary offers were lower than anticipated. Miles clarified that teachers were always informed that the average NES salary would be $85,000, which is determined by the subject taught and experience level. Typically, math and science teachers earn more than physical education and elective teachers.

The revelation came as a shock to some teachers, with some even shedding tears upon receiving their salary. They had not imagined it was possible to earn that much. Nonetheless, Superintendent Miles assured teachers that the salary offers were fair and in line with the previously discussed figures.

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Despite the initial disappointment, the Houston Independent School District has seen progress in hiring NES teachers. Currently, 845 teachers have been hired for NES schools, with 72% of those positions being filled internally from within the district. Nevertheless, there are still 65 NES teacher vacancies that need to be filled.

In addition to addressing the salary concerns, the district is also in the process of determining the number of teachers who have left this year. This information will be crucial for planning and ensuring a smooth transition for the upcoming school year.

Overall, Superintendent Miles has taken swift action to address the concerns raised by NES teachers regarding their pay. While some teachers were disappointed with their salary offers, efforts are being made to fill the remaining vacancies and provide a suitable teaching environment for the upcoming academic year.

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