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Implications of Wisconsin Universitys new diversity role limitations – My MBA Career



Last Updated on December 14, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

University of Wisconsin Approves Deal Limiting Diversity Roles in Schools

In a move that has sparked controversy and drawn criticism from the state’s governor, the University of Wisconsin has approved a deal worth $800 million that will restrict the number of diversity roles in schools. This decision comes after the state’s Republican-controlled legislature pushed for the agreement, leaving Democrats concerned about the implications it will have on campus diversity and inclusion.

Under the deal, new diversity hires will be frozen through 2026, while 43 existing roles will be restructured. Democratic Governor Tony Evers accused Republicans of using university funding as a political tool, claiming that staff raises and campus development funds were already approved in a previous budget passed in July, which notably excluded University of Wisconsin workers.

University system president Jay Rothman defended the deal as a necessary compromise, highlighting the immense challenges the university faces and the funding it desperately needs. However, Republican Speaker Robin Vos called it the first step in efforts to eliminate diversity, equity, and inclusion practices on University of Wisconsin campuses.

The plan was approved by regents in a close vote of 11-6, after it had been rejected by a vote of 9-8 just a week earlier. Supporters of the deal argued that the university’s financial difficulties and other priorities necessitated this approach. On the other hand, critics voiced concerns about the precedent this sets and argued that support for diversity on campus should never be exchanged for funding.

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The controversy surrounding this decision is further exacerbated by the recent ruling by the US Supreme Court in June, which prohibits the consideration of race in university admissions. Consequently, some Democrats labeled the deal as racist and discriminatory towards students, faculty, and staff of color.

As the university moves forward with this deal, it remains to be seen how the limitations on diversity roles will impact the overall campus environment and the university’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion. Advocates for diversity will undoubtedly be closely monitoring the situation, emphasizing the importance of addressing these concerns and ensuring an equitable and inclusive educational experience for all.

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