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In-Demand AI Jobs Paying Over $100,000, All from Home



Last Updated on November 28, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: LinkedIn Study Reveals Surprising Industries with High Demand for AI Skills

Subtitle: Job Postings for AI and Generative AI Skyrocket Globally, Offering Lucrative Salaries and Remote Opportunities

(Date), (Location) – In a ground-breaking new study, LinkedIn has unveiled that industries like professional services, administrative and support services, retail, and manufacturing are now leading the charge in the demand for AI skills. This surge has surpassed the traditional technology industry, marking a significant shift in the job market.

According to data gathered from various job search platforms, the number of job postings specifically mentioning AI or generative AI has more than doubled globally between July 2021 and July 2023. This exponential growth reflects the increasing adoption of AI across various sectors and highlights the urgency for qualified individuals with AI expertise.

Furthermore, search queries for generative AI jobs on popular job website Indeed have witnessed an astounding increase of almost 4,000% in the past year alone. Correspondingly, job postings for these roles have risen by an impressive 306%, indicating a flourishing job market for individuals skilled in generative AI.

The current most sought-after AI positions include data scientists, software engineers, data engineers, research scientists, and product managers. These roles not only offer exciting challenges but also boast attractive salaries. ZipRecruiter reports that data scientists earn an average salary of $127,128, while product managers enjoy the highest average salary of $153,698. These figures demonstrate the lucrative nature of AI careers.

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Adding to the appeal, all of these AI jobs can be performed remotely. With the proliferation of remote work opportunities, individuals seeking AI roles can now access thousands of remote positions across various companies and industries.

Surprisingly, even non-technical roles such as supply chain specialists and sales managers are witnessing increased demand for their AI literacy and skills. As companies continue to embrace AI in their workflows, the need for talent capable of understanding and utilizing AI technology is expected to grow steadily.

Moreover, the future appears promising for those pursuing AI careers. The highest-paying AI job in 2023 is projected to offer salaries surpassing $200,000 while providing remote work opportunities. This enticing outlook is likely to attract more professionals to the field, resulting in a further increase in talent and expertise pool.

Individuals seeking a lucrative and future-proof career should consider pursuing AI skills. As the demand for AI talent continues to surge across industries, the opportunities for growth and remote work are expected to rise accordingly. Stay tuned for the latest developments on AI career trends.

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