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In-Demand Jobs with the Highest Salary Growth in the US: Analysis



Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Wage Growth and Trends in Customer Service and Retail Industries

Subtitle: COVID-19 and Shifting Work Preferences Drive Changes in the Job Market

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In a recent analysis conducted by Payscale, it was revealed that customer service assistant managers and hairstylists experienced significant wage growth in 2023, despite their status as positions with the lowest median salaries. The study also highlighted the challenges faced by retail workers, who not only face higher turnover rates but also earn less than the median U.S. worker.

According to the analysis, customer service assistant managers saw double-digit wage growth in 2023, but their median salary remains at $44,200. Similarly, hairstylists experienced considerable wage growth, but their median salary still stands at $34,300.

The retail industry, on the other hand, has witnessed higher wage growth overall. However, employees in this sector are quitting at higher rates and earning less compared to the median U.S. worker. This discrepancy could be attributed to the prevailing issue of high turnover rates in the retail industry, as workers actively seek better positions with higher incomes.

Interestingly, the COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in shaping wage trends in various industries. Layoffs during the pandemic resulted in a shortage of hairstylists, which subsequently led to their increased wage growth. The scarcity of these professionals created more opportunities for hairstylists and allowed them to negotiate higher salaries.

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Additionally, the pandemic also brought about a surge in freelance and self-employment opportunities. The analysis shows that approximately 400,000 more Americans reported being self-employed in 2023 compared to the period before the pandemic. Many individuals turned towards freelance work, seeking more control over their careers and a greater ability to adapt to uncertain market conditions.

Skilled trade positions, such as master plumbers, emerged as the highest earners with a median salary of $82,700. These positions highlight the growing demand for specialized skills in the job market. Additionally, larger firms and coastal cities tend to offer higher median wages for these in-demand positions due to the higher cost of living and increased competition for talent.

In conclusion, the Payscale analysis reveals intriguing trends in the job market. While customer service assistant managers and hairstylists experienced wage growth, their salaries still remain relatively low compared to other occupations. The retail industry demonstrates higher wage growth overall, but the high turnover rate and lower earnings compared to the median U.S. worker pose challenges. Meanwhile, the pandemic led to a shortage of hairstylists, driving up their wages. Additionally, the surge in self-employment and freelance gigs highlights the changing preferences of workers seeking more control over their careers. Ultimately, specialized skilled trades continue to command higher wages, with larger firms and coastal cities offering attractive compensation packages for these sought-after positions.

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