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Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Anonymous comments containing racist, sexist, and abusive messages have recently been found on a prominent jobs-related website for economists. What makes this particularly concerning is that these offensive comments are coming from individuals associated with some of the top U.S. universities, including prestigious institutions like Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Chicago.

One of these universities, Stanford, is well-known for its Graduate School of Business (GSB), which offers a highly sought-after MBA program. The GSB prides itself on its selective admissions process and its ability to attract top-tier students.

Among the most popular courses at the GSB are those that provide valuable insights into the future of management and the attributes that students consider crucial for success. For instance, “Paths to Power” is a widely recognized course that delves into power dynamics and strategies for maintaining power without grooming successors. The course emphasizes the importance of understanding power dynamics in the business world.

Another popular course at the GSB is “Touchy Feely,” which focuses on enhancing students’ understanding of their public image and how they are perceived by others. Through unstructured conversations and activities, students gain insight into how their behavior and communication styles impact their personal and professional relationships.

The third in-demand course is “Managing Growing Enterprises,” which equips students with the skills to navigate sensitive situations such as layoffs, dealing with investors, and handling interactions with journalists. It emphasizes the importance of diplomacy and tact in managing challenging circumstances.

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These three courses highlight the significance of qualities like hardheadedness, introspection, and diplomacy in the skillset of managers in the 21st century. While a certain degree of ruthlessness and self-awareness is expected in boardrooms and corner offices, the GSB also emphasizes the value of “selfless ambition” and determination. This unique combination of attributes, as emphasized by the GSB’s curriculum, is believed to be crucial for success in the future.

Overall, as the recent findings of anonymous offensive comments from top U.S. universities reveal, it is clear that even the best educational institutions need to address issues of implicit biases and prejudices. However, the GSB’s popular courses demonstrate the institution’s commitment to equipping its students with the necessary skills to become effective and ethical leaders in their career paths.

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