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Jobseekers Warning: The Truth About Maintenance Jobs Revealed – My MBA Career



Last Updated on December 25, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

TikTok video warns against maintenance jobs, sparking debate on gig economy impact

TikToker Will (@will.tom75) has caught the attention of viewers with his video titled “Maintenance Technician Job,” which has garnered an impressive 573,000 views. In the video, Will advises viewers to steer clear of maintenance jobs, suggesting that they are no longer worth pursuing in today’s job market.

Will shares his personal experience of encountering a job listing that seemed enticing at first, only to discover that it had numerous unfavorable conditions. The job was located over 20 minutes away from his residence and required him to possess his own tools. Additionally, the pay rate was surprisingly low due to his lack of certifications.

The video quickly sparked sarcastic comments from viewers, who pointed out the irony of expecting maintenance work in a maintenance job and criticized the deceptively low wages prevalent in the field. However, amidst the negativity, one viewer shared a success story in the field of industrial maintenance, highlighting the potential for high earnings in the right circumstances.

The discourse surrounding Will’s experience sheds light on the influence of the gig economy on the modern work landscape. Millennial and Gen Z workers, in particular, are increasingly drawn to flexible gig opportunities. This preference, coupled with a decline in do-it-yourself skills and the rise of services like TaskRabbit, has created a high demand for skilled blue-collar workers such as electricians and plumbers.

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Despite the negative experiences that some individuals may encounter in gig jobs, others can lead to fulfilling and prosperous careers. This is especially true in the field of industrial maintenance, which offers attractive hourly wages, particularly for those who work full-time and accumulate overtime hours. For many Americans earning an average hourly wage of $15.87, exploring careers in this sector may present a worthwhile opportunity.

Given the significant interest in this TikTok video, “My MBA Career” reached out to Will for further information. While awaiting Will’s response, it is clear that his video has struck a chord with viewers, initiating an important dialogue about the realities of gig economy employment and the potential for rewarding blue-collar careers.

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