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Landing a Lucrative Job without a College Degree: Testing out 28 Career Paths



Last Updated on December 13, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Non-Traditional Career Journey Leads Technical Product Manager to Six-Figure Salary

Ethan Clatterbaugh, a 32-year-old technical product manager, is sharing his remarkable non-traditional career journey that ultimately led him to a six-figure salary at Forbright Bank. Although dropping out of college after one semester may seem like a setback to some, Clatterbaugh’s story emphasizes the importance of experience, personal growth, and forming genuine relationships in the pursuit of success.

Clatterbaugh’s unconventional career path reflects a growing trend among individuals in their 20s and 30s who prioritize job-hopping as a means to financial gain while also focusing on building meaningful connections. Having held an astonishing 31 jobs throughout his professional life, Clatterbaugh realized that each opportunity played an integral role in his current success by providing invaluable lessons and skills.

Early on, Clatterbaugh’s experience in various food service roles allowed him to cultivate empathy and curiosity – qualities he later used in leadership positions. He regarded seemingly random jobs as opportunities to learn and develop, considering each experience as valuable as monetary compensation.

Sales jobs at renowned retail stores like Best Buy and Apple proved to be crucial for Clatterbaugh’s transformation. These roles taught him the significance of listening to customers and understanding their needs. Armed with his insights, Clatterbaugh eagerly pursued further professional growth.

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However, it was at the age of 28, when Clatterbaugh secured a full-time job with benefits, that he was finally able to obtain treatment for his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. With improved focus and productivity, Clatterbaugh’s salary escalated from $50,000 to an impressive $200,000+ in his current position at Forbright Bank.

Now, content and fulfilled in his career, Clatterbaugh offers three main takeaways from his extraordinary journey: connecting with people, relentlessly moving forward, and embracing curiosity. He hopes that others can derive value from his story and discover the profound lessons hidden within their own career paths.

In a world where traditional routes to success are often emphasized, Clatterbaugh’s story serves as a reminder that there are countless ways to achieve professional fulfillment. By pursuing diverse opportunities, focusing on personal growth, and forging genuine connections, individuals can carve their own unconventional paths and unlock their true potential.

Take inspiration from Ethan Clatterbaugh’s remarkable journey, and let the lessons within your own career shape you into the professional you aspire to become.

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