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Latest College Football Rankings: Ohio State Surges Past Florida State and USC as Notre Dame Drops – My MBA Career



Last Updated on September 25, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Ohio State Moves Up to No. 4 in College Football Rankings

In an exciting Week 4 of college football action, Ohio State University’s football team has made significant strides in the rankings after a thrilling last-second victory against Notre Dame. The Buckeyes have moved up two spots to claim the No. 4 position in the new college football rankings.

Despite their nail-biting win, Georgia remains at the top of the rankings, holding onto their No. 1 spot with an impressive 55 first-place votes. Following closely behind are Michigan at No. 2 and Texas at No. 3.

What makes this ranking particularly intriguing is the fact that six of the top seven teams in the rankings have received at least one first-place vote. This has sparked a heated debate among football enthusiasts for the coveted top spot.

One of the most surprising outcomes of this week’s rankings is Florida State’s fall of one spot, despite receiving the second-most first-place votes, a total of three. Ohio State’s rise has seemingly overshadowed the Seminoles’ success, pushing them down to No. 5.

Notre Dame, on the other hand, has experienced a significant drop in the rankings. The Fighting Irish have slipped two spots to No. 11 after their heartbreaking loss against Ohio State. It was a tough defeat for Notre Dame, but they will undoubtedly be aiming to bounce back in the coming weeks.

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In other rankings news, there have been several shifts in position. Oregon has climbed to No. 9 after a dominant win against Colorado. Conversely, USC has dropped three spots after a close victory over Arizona State.

Furthermore, three teams – Colorado, UCLA, and Iowa – have been pushed out of the top 25 rankings following their losses to higher-ranked opponents. Making way for them are newcomers Missouri, Kansas, and Fresno State, who have made it into the prestigious rankings.

As usual, the AP Top 25 poll for Week 4 showcases the current rankings, with first-place votes indicated alongside the teams’ names. This comprehensive list allows fans and analysts to track the changes and predict potential upsets in the weeks to come.

As the college football season progresses, it will be fascinating to see how these rankings evolve and if any dark horses emerge to challenge the dominant teams at the top. For now, Ohio State’s rise and the intense competition for the top spot remain the highlight of this week’s rankings.

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