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Latest Proposal from Portland Public Schools to Union – Updates on MBA Career



Last Updated on November 13, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Portland Public Schools Proposes $147 Million Investment Package Amid Ongoing Strike

Portland Public Schools (PPS) has put forth a comprehensive investment package worth $147 million, surpassing earlier offers as negotiations with the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT) continue. The proposal aims to address a range of concerns raised by educators, including an increase in the cost of living, additional planning time for teachers, and reduced student-to-staff ratio in elementary classes.

Under the proposed package, all educators would receive an almost 11% increase in their cost of living. This sought-after raise would enable them to cope with rising expenses in Portland’s competitive job market. In addition, kindergarten through eighth-grade teachers would receive an extra 90 minutes of planning time per week, allowing for enhanced classroom preparation and more personalized instruction for students. Moreover, the student-to-staff ratio in elementary classes is set to decrease, ensuring a greater focus on individual student needs.

To finance these pivotal investments, PPS intends to implement budget cuts totaling $103 million over the next three years. The proposed cuts would inevitably impact various areas of the school system but are seen by the district as necessary to support the demands put forth by educators.

In response to the proposal, PAT released a statement calling it “tokenism” or merely an insult. The teacher’s association is expected to negotiate further with PPS on Tuesday, with both parties remaining open to meetings at any time. As the negotiation process continues, families throughout the community are experiencing mixed reactions to the ongoing strike. While some children participate in picketing and receive homeschooling, others face the challenge of balancing childcare responsibilities alongside their own work.

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High school students have taken advantage of the strike to rest, work on assignments, and focus on college applications. However, concerns linger about makeup days and the disruption to exams and curriculum. PPS staff members stated there is no information available regarding makeup days at this time, as students have already missed six days of instruction due to the strike.

The ongoing negotiations between PPS and PAT hold significant implications for educators and the wider community as they strive to address the legitimate concerns surrounding working conditions and educational opportunities in Portland Public Schools. As the bargaining process continues, the hope remains that a mutually beneficial agreement will be reached, ensuring stability and excellence for all stakeholders involved.

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