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Latest Updates on the Portland Public Schools Strike – My MBA Career



Latest Updates on the Portland Public Schools Strike – My MBA Career
Latest Updates on the Portland Public Schools Strike – My MBA Career

Last Updated on November 3, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Portland Public Schools Teacher Strike Disrupts Thousands of Students’ Education

Subtitle: Education and City Hall Reporters Address Reader Concerns

In an unprecedented turn of events, teachers in Portland Public Schools have called for a strike to demand better pay, smaller classes, and more planning time. With approximately 43,000 students affected, there are numerous questions surrounding the strike’s duration, financial impact, and the likelihood of a resolution.

1. Duration of the Strike:
– The strike has already entered its third day, and experts predict it could stretch to two weeks or longer.
– Teachers face the risk of losing their district-provided health coverage for December if they do not return by mid-November.

2. Financial Implications:
– Teachers are requesting an additional $372 million in funding over the next three years, primarily to bolster salaries ($236 million) and provide more planning time ($106 million).
– The district has countered with an offer of approximately $150 million, leaving a substantial $220 million gap between the two sides.

3. District’s Financial Capacity:
– The district claims that meeting the union’s demands without making cuts is infeasible.
– To bridge the financial gap, the district may have to tap into its rainy day fund, reduce central office expenditures, and limit expenses on outside contractors.
– However, the district must maintain a reserve fund of around $40 million for emergencies and to safeguard its credit rating for future construction bonds.

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4. State Support:
– The likelihood of receiving additional financial assistance from the state is low due to legal, political, and financial considerations.
– State lawmakers have already allocated funds based on the district’s initial requests.
– Allocating extra funds to one of the state’s best-funded school districts while others face similar contract demands would be challenging to justify.

5. Potential Cuts:
– District officials have warned that meeting the union’s demands would necessitate cuts in various areas, such as layoffs, fewer school days, or even school closures.
– Other potential savings could come from freezing hiring, reducing administrative positions, and decreasing spending on contracted services.
– However, with 85% of the district’s budget allocated to employee salaries, significant savings opportunities are limited.

6. Teacher Salaries:
– Portland Public Schools currently offers starting salaries of $50,020 per year, with a maximum salary of $97,333.
– The district’s proposal includes raises of 4.5%, 3%, and 3% over the next three years.
– In contrast, the union is seeking raises of 8.5%, 7%, and 6%, with adjustments linked to class size caps.

7. Class Size Limits:
– While not legally required to negotiate class size limits, the district is obliged to do so in schools eligible for federal Title I funds.
– The union is advocating for class size caps at various levels, requiring around 500 additional teachers and an estimated cost of $65 million.

8. Support Options for Families:
– The Oregonian has compiled a comprehensive list of available childcare options during the strike.
– The school district is providing grab-and-go meals at select schools on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.
– Student health centers in six high schools will also remain open for students’ medical needs.

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9. Number of Teachers and Students Affected:
– The Portland Association of Teachers represents approximately 3,500 educators involved in the strike.
– Portland Public Schools has nearly 44,800 students enrolled, with approximately 42,700 directly impacted by the ongoing strike.

As the teacher strike in Portland Public Schools persists, the timeline for reaching a resolution and resuming regular classes for affected students remains uncertain. The substantial financial disparities and legal obstacles make finding common ground between the district and the teachers’ union a challenging endeavor.

For more information on the strike’s progress, readers can reach out to Julia Silverman at

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