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Malcolm McClain (MBA/MPP 2023) Appointed as First RISE Career Fellow



Last Updated on July 26, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Malcolm McClain Receives Inaugural Harvard Business School RISE Career Fellow Award

Harvard Business School has selected Malcolm McClain as the first-ever recipient of the RISE Career Fellow, an esteemed accolade designed to foster local financial and business opportunities. The fellowship, awarded to one graduating student each year, aims to strengthen connections between HBS graduates and companies that make a profound impact on marginalized communities.

McClain, a driven and talented MBA graduate, will now serve as the Chief of Staff at BrightUp, a thriving fintech company based in Boston. BrightUp is known for its dedication to democratizing wealth building and well-being, with McClain’s role specifically centered around designing innovative capital products, managing partnerships with capital providers, and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

With his newfound position, McClain will play a pivotal role in BrightUp’s mission to break down barriers and empower individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. By leveraging his business acumen and expertise, McClain will work towards creating opportunities for marginalized communities, addressing longstanding disparities, and helping individuals elevate their financial well-being.

The RISE Career Fellow program, introduced by HBS, not only recognizes exceptional graduates but also acts as a conduit fostering collaborations between these talented individuals and organizations seeking to bring about meaningful change. Through initiatives like the RISE Fellowship, HBS reaffirms its commitment to serving marginalized communities of color and promoting social equity.

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As a part of its continued efforts, HBS offers the RISE Fellowship for financial aid, granting $10,000 to MBA students dedicated to serving communities facing social and economic challenges. By bridging the gap between the business world and those on the fringes, HBS aims to create a more inclusive society where opportunities are accessible to all.

By championing exceptional graduates like McClain and partnering with companies like BrightUp, HBS is taking concrete steps to empower marginalized communities and address systemic inequalities. The RISE Career Fellow award signifies not just an individual accomplishment but also a shared vision of a world where everyone can thrive, regardless of their background.

McClain’s appointment as the first RISE Career Fellow highlights the continued commitment of HBS and its graduates to make a lasting difference in the lives of marginalized individuals. With his expertise and passion for social impact, McClain is poised to make significant contributions to BrightUp’s mission of democratizing wealth building and well-being. We look forward to witnessing his remarkable journey and the positive impact he will undoubtedly have on communities in need.

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