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MBA Application Decline Puts Pressure on B-School Deans



Last Updated on December 3, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Headline: Resignations Raise Concerns as Admissions Directors Depart Top Business Schools Amidst Ongoing Pandemic

In a surprising turn of events, multiple admissions directors from revered business schools like Stanford, Harvard, and Columbia have tendered their resignations in the past two years. This exodus has left industry professionals and observers questioning the reasons behind these departures and the potential implications for these prestigious institutions.

Some of the former directors have found new homes in other esteemed universities, while others have transitioned into roles as student admissions consultants. What is particularly noteworthy is that a significant number of the resigning directors boasted extensive industry experience, making their departures even more perplexing.

The timing of these resignations has raised eyebrows. Coinciding with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath, the admissions industry has faced unprecedented pressures. Admissions officers have encountered a myriad of challenges during this period, including the closure of test centers and stringent travel restrictions.

Shelly Heinrich, the associate dean for admissions at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, recognizes the seismic impact of the pandemic on academic institutions and their admissions processes. Admissions teams have had to adapt swiftly to rapidly changing circumstances and implement alternative strategies to recruit prospective students effectively.

One significant drawback resulting from the pandemic-induced travel restrictions is the inability of admissions officers to engage in vital global outreach activities. These activities, which are usually enjoyed as part of their job, have been halted, making it increasingly challenging to attract top-tier international candidates.

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The departures of these admissions directors undoubtedly add another layer of complexity to the already challenging admissions landscape. It remains to be seen how business schools will cope with the loss of these seasoned professionals and whether they will endeavor to fill the void with equally qualified replacements.

As universities navigate the uncertainties brought by the current situation, it is clear that the role of admissions teams will be more crucial than ever. Future applicants and the wider academic community will closely monitor how schools adapt and innovate their admissions processes to address the unique challenges posed by the pandemic.

In conclusion, the collective resignation of admissions directors from renowned business schools has cast a shadow of concern over the industry. Against the backdrop of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, these departures amplify the existing pressures faced by admissions teams worldwide. The implications of these resignations are yet to be fully understood, but one thing is certain – the landscape of MBA admissions is undergoing a significant transformation.

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