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MBA Applications at Harvard Decline by 5%, Other Universities Experience Increase



Last Updated on March 30, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Harvard College Sees Decline in Applications for Second Consecutive Year

In a surprising turn of events, Harvard College has reported a 5% decrease in applications compared to last year, with only 54,008 students vying for a spot in the prestigious university’s next freshman class. This marks the second consecutive year of declining undergraduate applications at Harvard, a trend that has left many in the admissions world scratching their heads.

While Harvard saw a decrease in applications, other Ivy League institutions such as Yale University, Duke University, and Dartmouth College reported increases in the number of students seeking admission. This shift in application numbers has led many to speculate on the reasons behind Harvard’s decline.

The admissions landscape has been under close scrutiny following a recent Supreme Court ruling against race being a factor in admissions, which could potentially impact Harvard’s diverse student body. Additionally, Harvard’s President, Claudine Gay, recently resigned amidst accusations of plagiarism and criticism over her testimony on antisemitism, further adding to the university’s challenges.

Despite these hurdles, Harvard remains committed to supporting its students, with the class of 2028 expected to comprise 53% women, 47% men, and 21 military veterans. Students whose family income is $85,000 or less will receive full financial support at the university, as Harvard plans to spend $260 million in undergraduate aid.

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The reasons for the decline in applications to Harvard remain unclear, with speculation including concerns over antisemitism and conservative viewpoints. The deadline to accept Harvard’s decision is May 1, but reports have surfaced of Jewish students omitting Harvard from their college lists due to concerns over the campus climate.

As Harvard navigates these challenges, it will be interesting to see how the university addresses the decline in applications and works to maintain its reputation as one of the top institutions in the country.

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