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MBA Career Achievements at the College of Business – University of Nevada, Reno



Last Updated on December 13, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

The Zeta Iota Chapter at the University of Nevada, Reno has once again been recognized for their outstanding achievements. The chapter, which is part of the international honors organization Beta Alpha Psi (BAP), has received the prestigious Superior Chapter recognition from the BAP National Council for the 17th consecutive year.

BAP is known for its focus on academic excellence, professional development, and community service among financial information majors. The Zeta Iota chapter, which has been active on campus since 1981, has continuously demonstrated their commitment to these principles through various professional and community events.

One of the chapter’s key initiatives is hosting professional events to provide members with invaluable industry-relevant information and networking opportunities. These events include lunches, firm tours, career fairs, and banquets, all aimed at helping members gain insights into the accounting industry and secure future career prospects.

In addition to their professional endeavors, the Zeta Iota chapter is deeply involved in community service. They frequently volunteer with local nonprofits that support the homeless population in Reno. Moreover, they have collaborated with the Business Student Council to establish the Professional Student Closet, a resource that provides professional clothing for students in need.

Kate Wong, the current BAP President, believes that the chapter’s success is a result of their unity and commitment to excellence. Under her leadership, Wong aims to increase membership and enhance chapter operations to ensure the continued success of the Zeta Iota chapter for semesters to come. The chapter’s executive board has already begun efforts to restructure the chapter, including revising community service requirements and rethinking firm tours.

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Looking to the future, the Zeta Iota chapter plans to engage with high school students to raise awareness about the accounting profession. Additionally, they will continue their recruitment efforts to bring in new students every semester, ensuring a continuous flow of talent and dedication to the chapter.

For those interested in learning more about Beta Alpha Psi and the Zeta Iota Chapter, they can reach out to Kate Wong via email or through Instagram. This recognition is a noteworthy achievement for the Zeta Iota chapter and highlights their unwavering commitment to academic excellence, professional development, and community service.

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